Ongoing- Oil sponged on canvas- 60x72- $40,000 (1).JPG


“Ongoing” is a piece of work that was inspired by fractal patterns within nature. I became inspired by the complex formations in trees, coastlines, clouds, rivers, mountains, seashells, and so on,  that are created by the simple process of repetition. Fractal patterns are self similar but on vastly different scales. My intention was to capture the chaos within this never ending realm and let humans compare themselves to it. As we evolve, as we grow in our self connection and relationships with others, there is always a circling within us all creating our most crucial emotions.Perhaps the most important part of this work is the snake like image rising from deep blues at the bottom of the painting. The snake is protecting the only part of the canvas that was not mixed, blended, or corrected. It is the original way the paint was sponged without any adjustments.This section allows us to see an unfiltered process of the paint, which in turn allows us to accept our unfiltered traits as well. The painting, just like humans, is infinitely changing.

Ongoing: 72x60 . Oil sponged on canvas