With ease I dodge. I justify. I pledge. I devote. But these men always leave. They leave and I stay.

One left me when I was still inside my mother. Made me, acknowledged me, denied me. Abandoned.

One left me emotionally after years of trying to be a father. I think as time passed and he had his own children I became a decision of his past that he most likely regrets.Dismissed.

One left me after he slapped me across the face because I didn’t finish my dinner. Abused.

One left me after trespassing through my innocent field, invading my body, with his unearthly strength.I was thankful he left so quickly. Attacked.

One left me in the middle of an intersection after turning too fast. I woke up to the woman he hit asking if I was ok. She saw the driver jump out the back window and take off running. This one was important. This one left me while I was in the deepest level of love I thought there was. Heartbroken.

And many, many more stories of how they all left.

And still here I am

And still I believe in love

And still

And still

And still

Oil sponged on canvas: 60x72